02 October 2012

inaluxe is on vacation

Ok, so it's not a real vacation we are on - we wish! However, due to our overwhelming workload, and deadlines due at the end of this month, as well as some pretty urgent technical office upgrades, and studio reno, we are en route! On route to a better, shinier and more productive studio! Our ability to process and ship orders during this time will be halted until we return on Monday the 5th of November. See you all then, with a new open shop, including some festive holiday season designs and treats, and of course, our new designs we are busy completing now. 

image via: where the lovely things are


  1. I look forward to your return! :)

  2. oh goodie!
    sounds promising.
    all the best.

  3. Wishing you the best and inspiring time!

  4. I love that there's a dog, and a man smoking a pipe, on that bus! How I'd like to get my hands on that book! Looking forward to your return also. xx


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