06 September 2012


What a big week we are having - wild wind storms, trampolines sighted rolling down our street, fences down and destroyed, and Kibi (the third member of inaluxe) had a bad turn on Monday resulting in two intensive vet visits. She is on the mend, but looks like she has a soft palate that will require surgery.  There is something very frightening about your pet gasping for air, and not knowing how to fix it. Luckily all is well - now.  With all this bad weather, and nursing duties, we managed to get some work done - the latest is titled 'atmosphere' and here it is.  Now also available in our store too. It's my current bestest fave, and I think Jason is quite into it too.  We hope your week has been nothing but fun! 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the texture look.

  2. Hi, I saw your work in Print & Pattern 2 and found the link to your blog from there. Love your work! Following you and looking forward to your future posts
    Hannah x

  3. I think this is my favourite ever. I'm pretty sure I MUST have this one. Yep. Must.

  4. thanks everyone, we really love hearing your thoughts on the work -- makes this internet world a little bit warmer and nicer - yeah? yeah! :) cheers, K

  5. Gorgeous. And a speedy recovery to Kibi. There is nothing more terrifying than an emergency vet visit and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Please give her a snuggles for me!

  6. Absolutely stunning!

    (found you via Renegade Craft Fair's Pinterest)


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