31 July 2012

Hello New Zealand

Seems to me our prints get to have much more fun than we do... they see far and distant places, and meet amazing people from all over the planet. If only they could talk.... and then call us on their mobile, with all the goss. I wish!  The latest place we wish we were, but our prints are instead, is New Zealand,  a place we often talk about visiting, for a very long holiday.  
Located in New Zealand, Elliot and the team at Endemic World curate a wide variety of art prints, graphics, and gifts. Check out their site, where our prints can be found - having the time of their lives!  Here are just a few of our favourites from endemic world. All prices are in NZ dollars, worldwide shipping. 

Kowhai Squadron - Pohutukawa by Walter Hansen

Organised Confusion tea towel by Erupt
our prints at endemic world

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