28 May 2012


The first time I got on a plane I was 6 years old.  What amazed me then, and still does after all these years is the view of the world from up above. I could not believe that land, cities, farms, and towns were so organised. This geometry fascinated me, and still does.  Jason and I are both huge fans of cartography, and all things 'aerial view' so with that in mind, we decided to do a range inspired by the view from the sky. And we call it Atlas.  So far two pieces in the mix... more brewing slowly on the stove.  This is Atlas 39 and now in our online store too. 


  1. Fabulous guys! I love it and really love the idea behind it too :) Kx

  2. me too me too about lovin' aerial viewing and especially lovin' this one.. the colour combo is hot!!

  3. This is awesome - definitely my new favourite Inaluxe print. I would absolutely LOVE a large print version of this! Fab x

  4. Beautiful! I love aerial views of land. Flying from Toronto to San Francisco, I saw gorgeous round fields somewhere over the mid-US. Maybe you could do this and write if off as a studio expense??? =)

    1. sounds like a great idea Karen! we have always wanted to visit the US too!

  5. You are making the large print selection harder and harder.... I feel like I NEED most of them!
    I love it!

  6. Splendid, Inaluxe, splendid : )

  7. thanks so much everyone - really appreciate it. xo K


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