19 January 2012


The art work below is new, so new it's like the morning dew! It's part of a new series we have literally just started to scratch, shape, move around, squeeze, massage, whisper to, love, wriggle into form, etc. I guess you get the idea! The series is called Coda, we are excited about it, there will be more - plenty more, and thanks to Jason it has a lovely name too.  Now available in A4 format as an archival reproduction print. 

Coda Series


  1. Love this one.. beautiful! I just love all the colours you guys use in yu work... Love it :)

  2. very satisfying...
    great 2012 to you both!

  3. Hello lovelies! thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello!... really makes our day.

  4. Ooo, I want this but bigger! Will you do reproduction prints in a larger size?

    1. Hi Kendra, we sent across an email reply to your enquiry. Hope it arrived ok. Larger prints are not far away! :) Cheers, K.


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