19 September 2014

New website + New blog

We have a new website.  This is quite exciting, and even though it's only very new, and we still have a lot of work to do, the plan is to integrate our store, site, and blog for an action packed station of goodness and news! It's where we will share what's new, special promotions, events, sales, and day to day studio and life news.  We hope to see you there, and while there's only two of us, we try to do the best we can, so if you have any questions at all, anytime, please shoot us an email.  

17 September 2014

Holy Macaroni! It's Inaluxe Rugs

I can't think of a word to describe how lovely it is knowing that there are now four rugs in the world with Inaluxe designs on them. Hell Yeah! comes to mind. This feeling is so surreal.  There's Coda, Atlas 39, Coda II and the second last design here (Fabrique) was one I created specifically with textile and soft lovely home wares in mind. That was in 2010. These rugs are all made possible and manufactured by Think Rugs in the UK. Each one is hand tufted by master rugs makers in India. Ethically produced, and made from a luxurious wool and viscose blend.  Ethical, luxury, and quality are three incredibly important words to us, and I suspect they contribute largely to this super-feel-good feeling.  The rugs are so damn new, we don't have the details of where to buy retail yet, but we will update here as soon as we know.  The good news is, worldwide shipping is definitely a go!  

We're both over the moon, and we hope you love them too.

15 August 2014

The little (big) things

Here's a photo of our Blossom 3 design exclusively for Urban Outfitters cushion, with one of my paintings, and one of the six new chairs we bought. After years of sore lower backs and shoulder pain, we figured it was time to replace our old (slightly too high lumpy turned leg chairs) and invest in our spines! It sounds ridiculous I know, but it's amazing how you get used to pain, and what a difference a new chair makes.

So the moral of the story? In order to move forward one must throw out the old chair! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

13 August 2014

The slowest (half) update.

We have so much news to share, we are way behind, and it's hard to know where to start.  We have two calendars currently out with our designs for 2015, four rugs launching next month, more cushion adventures coming soon, an inaluxe diary, and there's the new Earth Greetings range we haven't shared. As well as some Blue Q goodness that isn't socks.   

In all seriousness,  these products have been a long time in the making, and a lot of hard work.  That's not to say they are not enjoyable, quite the contrary!    Of course there's swearing, aching muscles, late nights, and at times, no social life, but then, my idea of a party is planting my garden, so maybe that's enough said on that!

One of these days Jason will do a post. I keep beating him to the punch. And he should, he's so much better with words than I am. 

Time to eat. And time to beer!

Soirée II

08 August 2014

Art, painting and new work

So, another week is almost done.  It was a big week. There were birthday celebrations, festive foods, a lot of laughing, and goofing around, and of course, heaps of work to get through.  Now we both need a big fat sleep!  
Below is a new open edition, now in store titled "Soirée" 

And below that, a gouache painting I finished last week.  It's been so good to get back into the painting. This one's on paper, and is reasonably large. I guess if I keep this up, I might have to start thinking about selling them at some point?   I actually find it hard to part with originals. They're like my children.   One possible solution to that problem is have too many kids? :)  Have a great weekend everyone.

01 August 2014

Holy Moly! we're on socks!

Well I never! Seriously, I never imagined we'd see our designs on socks. But thanks to BlueQ, there are now five inaluxe designs on BlueQ socks. These are gorgeous combed cotton socks, feel lovely on, and best of all,  you can buy them online through BlueQ right now.  It was a really wonderful collaboration, and as always we thank BlueQ for asking us to design with them. It's a real pleasure.  

Cha Cha Cha BlueQ socks

La Di Da BlueQ socks

Psst BlueQ socks

Hubba Hubba BlueQ socks

Ahoy BlueQ socks

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