25 September 2015

Waratah Abstract Art

Continuing our fascination for native Australian plants, The Waratah illustration is part of our Woodland collection,  and it's now available as a fine art print in the inaluxe online store.  Jason and I have never had much luck with growing these, and the same could be said for the Banksia, but we will keep trying!  I believe it's the soil.  In the meantime, we enjoy them from a distance, and of course, we celebrate their beauty in our work.  Big, juicy, bright flowers are so awesome, what's not to love, and naturally, we want to paint them all!  Have you seen the inaluxe site lately? Lots of new work.  Sadly, due to a severe case of the flu earlier this year, we did not update most of what's been happening, but we're back now... and loving it. Have a lovely weekend everyone.  It's out into the garden for us. So much fun!

22 September 2015

Modular in Yellow Art Print

We have a new archival art print in our store. 'Modular in Yellow' came from a mixed media design created with ink, acrylic, and collage.  It's the first of a new series. Available in two sizes.

21 September 2015

Inaluxe 2016 Calendar

It's no secret, we love the Australian bush, and the native flora and fauna.  Living in the Grampians, we can't help but be inspired by everything around us.  It's quite special. And we feel lucky to be able to enjoy the marvels nature has to offer.  We're pretty full on bird watchers, and I swear one of these years we'll do a "Big Year".  It's also no secret we love painting native Australian birds and plants. So naturally, we're excited to share that we've worked on a  2016 inaluxe Earth Greetings calendar which is now available. It's a nice juicy size, with twelve inaluxe designs (one for each month) printed on 100% post consumer waste, and Made in Australia.  For more information and to buy, please see our store. 

We love you Flow.

We're both super excited to have four of our designs in the Number 5 issue of Flow Magazine. Not just the nicest people, but they also make a pretty awesome magazine.

21 April 2015

Inaluxe Papier-Mache feature

It's been too long between drinks! We always seem to be running around chasing our tails, of course, I have to admit, it's lots of fun working on projects, and keeping busy, so it's not entirely a bad thing - I just find myself missing the blogging side of it. One of the things we enjoyed doing over the last few months was an interview with the awesome folks at Papier-Mache.  The theme of the current issue focuses on shapes, so naturally,  Jason and I enjoyed chatting about our work, and life.  We're super thrilled to be in the issue!  So much awesomeness.